What We Do

We make incredible blockchain products, and develop new ones on request for our customers. Whether you need development tools to help your business use blockchain, or finished products that plug directly into your business's needs, we can make sure that your business is on the forefront of the blockchain revolution.

We have three products ready for you, right out of the box:

The world's best Ethereum IDE. Whether you want to develop in the command line, or in a GUI, we provide the tools to let you focus on smart contract development rather than installation of dependencies.


Manage your supply chain in objectively, automatically, and cheaply through Bountium. By using our trustless smart contracts to engage with your supply chain, you no longer get a runaround from your wholesaler or delivery service. You can even tie payment directly to the quality assurance judgements Bountium makes - meaning you can scale your supply chain with demand instantly.


Any blockchain project is only as good as its Oracles, the sources of information it relies on. Here at Sublimity, we want the world to have access to reliable and fair Oracles - so we built a framework for making them.

About Us

We at Sublimity Blockchain are passionate about making the world a safer, fairer, and more efficient place. We strongly believe that decentralisation can remove middlemen that slow the world down, while also empowering individuals to take control of their finances and voices in the world. As a result, we're always willing to help where we can - reach out to us for pro bono inquiries via the contact form.

We prioritise openness and transparency, so never hesitate to contact us directly at steve@bountium.org to ask for more information!

Follow our progress and ask us questions on Twitter at Bountium !


Sublimity provided a fast and efficient service with timely responses and an amazing product. He allowed me to work closely with him as he developed the program, and was highly flexible when asked to implement changes on the fly, going above and beyond what was asked. The experience was professional and resulted in a final product that worked well and incorporated all of my major requirements. I would highly recommend Steve and Sublimity to anyone seeking a solid blockchain architecture for their next project.
- Jacob Turcotte, CEO, Catena Medical Records

Sublimity created an innovative, comprehensive, and consistent payment processing solution for us that allows cryptocurrency holders to spend their funds. The work Sublimity performed for us has given our business new opportunities as each client we've shown this product to has been thoroughly impressed. Specifically, Sublimity created a permissioned blockchain, a smart contract system, and integrated the two with a SQL database. At the end of the contract, Sublimity provided documentation of the work and recommendations for future development. We are very satisfied with Sublimity's work and their flexibility.
- Warren Su, COO, Pylon

So what's next?

We want to make your business better. Please, get in touch with us via the contact form

If you're seeking a career in blockchain or would like to contribute to one of our open-source projects, please get in touch as well!